The Manifesto

Welcome to the heart and soul of the site – The Manifesto. This manifesto sums up the key points around which the site is focused. From time to time I tweak it as the vision is refined; but in essence, the manifesto is as follows:

  1. I commit to setting and regularly reviewing tangible, written and dated, i.e., SMART, short, medium and long term goals
  2. I commit to regularly engaging with my mentors and constantly seeking constructive feedback about my goals
  3. I commit to being clear and specific in my goals, what they are and my action plan for their achievement
  4. I accept that not everyone will either understand or accept my dreams and goals and that’s perfectly fine
  5. I commit to consistently seeing through my goals until they’re achieved
  6. I commit to keeping up my education and inspiration on a weekly basis, through relationships and high-quality resources