Welcome from Problogger

Welcome from Problogger

I’m Matt and I heartily welcome you to The Dreamers Manifesto. Thanks for taking the time to read my post on Problogger and come over to The Dreamers Manifesto.

What is the site about?

It’s for anyone that’s ever dared to dream; dared to dream a dream for a life better than what they were born in to and better than what they experience each and every day. In short, a strong desire to practically build your dreams.

It’s for those that have a yearning inside to reach out and to achieve so very many special and meaningful things in their lives. Now for some of us, this is travelling the world, creating world-spanning businesses or becoming an astronaut and reaching out in to outer space.

For others of us, it’s about finding that special someone and having 1, 2, even 3, beautiful children and raising them in a home that is all your own, without the worries that money seems to so often bring. So often in this modern, crazy, mad world, we grow up too fast in order to do the practical and responsible things we’re often told from birth.

We push our dreams aside to do the right thing. I’m here to help you get back in touch with those dreams and show you that you can be a dreamer and a practical goal setter. I’m here to help you find that little child inside us that you may have let go of to become an adult; the one that yearns to be heard, who will, if we let them, give us all the inspiration and ideas that we need and tell us the right path to go on.

The Mission

My mission is to assist you to learn how to practically go about realising your dreams, one-by-one and helping you plan out a strategy to implement them until you’re doing it on auto-pilot. I call you to have not only dreams, but goals that are organised and backed by focused action. I seek to give you practical advice on how to define and live the dreams in your mind and tools to help you do what you need to.

Get Started Now

To save you time below I’ve prepared a selection of the best I have, so that you get the best start you can.



Goal Setting

Taking Action

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Let Your Dreams Take Flight

I hope you’ll join with me and begin to take the dreams from your mind in to your daily life. You can contact me anytime that suits you best via the contact page, or follow me on Twitter (join in too) and get in to the conversation on Facebook. In your journey, I wish you all the very best.


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